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DNUG Talk: Follow Up

Friday, 2 October 2009 10:01 by jordan.terrell

I think last night’s talk I gave on Domain Driven Design was a success.  I received good feedback from those who attended.  We had around 50 attendees.  A good number of people had never heard of Domain Driven Design (which was surprising to me), many had heard of it but didn’t know much about it, and one or two people had read the book.  It was exactly the audience makeup I was targeting.

Domain Driven Design is not an easy topic to introduce.  It’s very broad, at times very complex and intricate, and it is a very conceptual topic – that is to say, it is more about how you think and communicate about a domain (business problem/solution space), and less about how you write software around the domain.

I outlined a number of follow up resources – frankly a LOT of follow up resources.  Domain Driven Design isn’t something that you are going to pick up in a few months; it is going to take time to absorb and apply.  There are technical concerns that often influence how you apply Domain Driven Design, and those concerns can often be addressed with other documented patterns – that’s why I provided supporting resources.

If you came to my talk, I’d appreciate any feedback you’d like to offer.  I’m giving the talk again at the Twin Cities Code Camp on October 24.  That is going to be a challenge – I only have 75 minutes at that venue, and I easily used 90 minutes last night (excluding discussion about follow up resources).

Thanks to everyone who came!

DNUG Talk: Intro to Domain Driven Design

Thursday, 1 October 2009 07:51 by jordan.terrell

I’m giving a talk today at the Twin Cities .NET User Group, sponsored by ILM and hosted at Microsoft.  I chose to give it on Domain Driven Design because it is something that I’ve been learning since 2005, but there still seems to be many people who don’t know what it’s about.  I’ve received lots of feedback from people expressing interest in the topic, so hopefully we’ll see a good turn out.

I’ll be posting the resources after the talk – stay tuned!