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Shout out: Lynn Langit

Friday, 14 November 2008 07:59 by jordan.terrell

An associate of mine and I were at the 2008 PDC, and we were talking very frivolously about different ways that we could “liberate” the Surface PCs that were littered all around the L.A. Convention Center.  We should have know better – Microsoft puts spies in with all the attendees. It’s really hard to spot them too – cause they're developers, just like us!  One of those spies intercepted our “liberation” plans - a Microsoft employee that goes by the name of Lynn Langit, or as many know her by her “spy handle” SoCalDevGal. Interestingly enough, she did seem to think it was cool that we were willing (not really) to go to such great lengths to obtain a Surface – so much so that she seemed to want to participate in our little operation, giving it an air of official Microsoft business as it were.  But I think this was a ploy to gain our confidence, and keep their precious Surface PCs safe.  Well, played Lynn – well played!

I wanted to give Lynn a little unsolicited plug – she’s working on a book now: Smart Business Intelligence Solutions with Microsoft SQL Server 2008.  Even at the PDC she was slaving away at the final touches.  I haven’t read her first book, but I’ll keep an eye out for when this when I’m at the book store.

Watch out at the next PDC, spies like Lynn are bound to be lurking around!

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