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Arduino DHCP Library: Trying To Submit to Arduino

Monday, 18 May 2009 10:15 by jordan.terrell

I want to submit the Arduino DHCP Library that I created to be included in the main Arduino distribution.  I tried asking what the process was on the developer’s mailing list, but I got no response.

Anyone listening out there who can clue me in on how to start the process?

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May 19. 2009 01:11

Ben Combee

To be honest, I think it's almost time to make an "Arduino Hackers Edition" that's a drop-in replacement for the core Arduino library, synced up to the current release.  This could also pull in things like the serial library fixes, the LCD library fixes, and some of the best alternative libraries.

Ben Combee

May 19. 2009 15:25

Jordan Terrell

Ben - I'm inclined to agree with you.  I've been monitoring the developer's mailing list and it appears that there is a lot of discussion and not a whole lot of updating the core.

Could you point me to some of the alternative libraries you are referring too?

Thanks - Jordan

Jordan Terrell

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