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CAPTCHA Challenge

Thursday, 31 January 2008 14:22 by jordan.terrell

A friend of my built a CAPTCHA generator out of his frustration with commonly available ones being easily circumvented.  As a test, he has issued a challenge to see if his generator can be defeated.

My gut tells me that it can be defeated, but I hope that I'm wrong.  If it ends up being highly successful, I would love to see some kind of proof-of-concept, person-to-person (non-automated) email protocol built around it.  This would absolve the need to have all emails digitally signed - only the automated ones would need it.

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February 1. 2008 13:50

David Meyer

Thanks for your overwhelming faith in my work. Smile j/k

Whether or not my CAPTCHA idea is a success, you bring up an interesting idea.  CAPTCHAs could be used to fight SPAM in a more direct way.  If an unknown person sends an unsigned e-mail, they could be required on the spot to complete a CAPTCHA before the message will be accepted by the receiving e-mail server.  This way real people can easily ensure their message is delivered.  I would love to see something like that implemented.  It would no doubt require that both sender and receiver implement this protocol.  Just like digitally signed e-mails, it would have to be a widespread adoption.

David Meyer

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