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Arduino DHCP Library: A Life of its Own

Wednesday, 22 April 2009 07:38 by jordan.terrell

There has been a good amount of interest in the DHCP library I made public on Sunday night.  So far I've registered almost 1200 page hits and over 140 downloads.  Not a huge following, but larger than I expected.  As a result going forward I will be treating the DHCP library as a separate project - separate from my RFID lock.

A number of people have indicated that the library is working just fine for them.  However, I know of one case where the lack of retry logic is preventing someone from using the library without making changes.  The goal with the next release is to add retry logic and hopefully trim the program size of the library.

Thanks to everyone giving their feedback and please continue to do so!

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April 22. 2009 21:19


Just wanted to say thanks for your work.  So far I've just tested the example, and its worked great.  I've only taken a brief look at the code so far, but I was wondering if there was a way to obtain the IP that's been provided by the DHCP server.


April 23. 2009 10:33


Tuckie - Thanks for the feedback.  I'll add the ability to get the IP address in the next release.  Technically it's already in the DHCP class, but it's not exposed as public.


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