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Google Announces Their New Operating System

Wednesday, 8 July 2009 10:17 by jordan.terrell

Google is trying to trade in on their marginal browser success, Google Chrome, with the announcement that they are going to develop, release, and market a new operating system, Google Chrome OS.

An admirable project to say the least, with touted goals such as security and performance.  This is really the next step in Google’s quest to turn the PC into what really amounts to a thin client to the web.  For some, that will be great.  For those whose focus at a PC is on using the Web for email, twitter, blogs, weather, and local/world news, this may end up being a great platform for them.

As far as applications go – the kind that actually need the raw power of a CPU and GPU – games, image editing, video editing, and software development tools – someone who uses these kinds of applications will likely find this new Google OS…wanting.  At least the first iterations of it.

Personally, I do not subscribe to the “everything on the Internet” approach.  At least not when the Internet platform is composed of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and Silverlight.  Right now this platform can handle only a subset of application demands.  This, on top of the fact that constant Internet connectivity, although improving, is not always a given.  Bandwidth is still an issue for many.  Privacy is another – I refuse to store my documents and other digital assets solely on the Internet.  I may publish them on the Internet, but I’m not about to push my computing platform into the cloud.  For some things, it’s just not feasible. I have HD video recorded that requires terabytes of storage space – where am I going to put that on the cloud?  When am I going to have the time to push that much data through the tiny little straws we call “broadband Internet”?

As I said, the Google OS is an admirable project.  Challenging the status quo with regard computer operating systems will likely result in new ideas and innovations.  That being said – I think Google is a little premature in what they would like to accomplish with this.  That also being said, I’m more than willing to “eat crow” and be proven wrong.

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July 9. 2009 10:16


Microsoft tried to tie IE with the Windows OS in a way that would be difficult to simply rip it out.  They got slapped with fines like crazy.  Now Google comes along and claims the browser *is* the OS and the industry acts like that its the best thing since sliced bread.


July 9. 2009 12:30

David Meyer

When I first read "Google's quest" I thought you were going to say "to take over the world" lol.

I agree wholeheartedly that now is not the time to move everything onto the internet.  In fact, I would argue that that time should never come.  It would put a few companies in way too much control over people, their computer usage, and data.

Thin clients and thick clients are tools that each are more or less advantageous in different situations.  A serious operating system should have equal support for both.

David Meyer

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