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Google Wave = Social Networking Crack

Friday, 2 October 2009 10:19 by jordan.terrell

At least according to others…

I’ve not received an invitation to Google Wave yet.  But from looking at Robert Scoble and Louis Gray’s blog posts, it may be a bit overhyped and overemphasize real-time communication.  It makes me think of people who watch the stock market real-time – every little fluctuation in a stock price or derivative causes a corresponding fluctuation in their heart rhythm.  Not for me.

I’ve found use for certain social networking sites, but I fall into the camp that doesn’t feel compelled to monitor the goings on of my friends and associates on a daily or even weekly basis.  Some social networking platforms I’ve seen bring the worst out of people and they encourage so much drama.

Google Wave, in some ways, aims to bring many of this social networking paradigms together into a unified platform.  Definitely something I’ll try and may even find use for – but so far, based on what I’ve read and seen – it might be something I group into what I affectionately call: Social Networking Crack.

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