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Instructor-Only Materials: Off Limits, For Now

Monday, 18 May 2009 10:09 by jordan.terrell

As I mentioned earlier, I was trying to obtain Instructor-Only materials for an algebra book that I purchased.  I filled out some online forms and sent some emails, but today I got an emailed response telling me that my request was declined.  I called Pearson Education to see if I could change their mind, however, they explained to me that the “Instructor” part of Instructor-Only actually requires you to be a state certified instructor.

At this point it doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to check all of my work.  Disappointing, yes – but also understandable.  I have to admit that Pearson was very kind as they explained why I was unable to obtain these materials, and I can imagine they see all kinds of scams from people trying to cheat on their assignments.  So I can’t argue with their reasons for keeping the materials under lock and key.

Maybe I should think about becoming a state certified instructor in elementary algebra?  Hmmm…

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May 18. 2009 13:38


I think it is a little more involved that just being certified to teach algebra, I think you have to do the entire teaching certificate. But it would be worth checking out. Your nephew certainly would benefit from that!

As I mentioned recently you can get math textbooks with the answers from Saxon Publishers because they market to the homeschooling segment and their texts are very high quality.


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