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Saturday, 14 March 2009 22:16 by jordan.terrell

One of the technical resources that I've been using as I've started to learn about electronics and making physical devices is MAKE: Magazine.  I remember subscribing when the magazine first came out, and it's been a great source of ideas and tips.  Since then, MAKE has grown quite a bit.  They now have a blog, talk radio, and a television show.

Today, MAKE co-hosted what they called "MAKE: Day" at the Science Museum of Minnesota, and gave a lot of their "Makers" a chance to show their stuff.  Besides taking a look at a lot of the stuff others are making, I got a chance to meet and chat with the main host of the MAKE: Television show, John Park - he's a really nice guy.  Even cooler, someone took a photo of John working at the MAKE: Television booth today, and they used the photo on the MAKE: Blog - guess who just happened to be in it?  Yours truly - although it's not very clear; my father, who went with me, is in the way!


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