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RFID Lock Prototype: DHCP Enabling - Follow Up #2

Wednesday, 15 April 2009 09:35 by jordan.terrell

Continuing on my work to build a DHCP client for my RFID Lock Prototype, I’ve read through the datasheet for the W5100 Ethernet chip (in use on the Arduino Ethernet shield) and I’ve studied the source code for the existing Arduino Ethernet library, and now I know how to work more directly with the transmit and receive buffers (16K shared across 4 sockets) on the W5100 chip.  Hopefully over the next few days I can carve out some time to refactor the DHCP library I’ve built so far to make use of this technique.  Once I do, I will release it publicly – hopefully I will find some willing beta testers.  If all goes well, perhaps it might be included in a future Arduino software release!

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