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RFID Lock Prototype: DHCP Enabling - Follow Up

Sunday, 12 April 2009 22:02 by jordan.terrell

I've got a first pass at a DHCP library that works on the Arduino with an Atmega168 MCU.  It's working and I'm able to get an IP address, and then connect to Google.  It is still really memory intensive - I think I have less than 10 bytes of memory remaining while I'm acquiring the IP address.  I've got some ideas on how to lower the memory requirements, but that will require working with the W5100 IC at a lower level.  That's my next step, but in the meantime check out this video!


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April 15. 2009 03:38


Really Great !

Did you post this DHCP library ?

I would be really exited to try it on my arduino board.

Please geave us news from this DHCP library.


April 15. 2009 09:09


No, I haven't posted it yet.  I had to eliminate the ~190 zeros at the end of the DHCP packet so I could test it on my ATMega168 based Arduino.  Otherwise I had no memory to construct the packet.  I've been reading the W5100 datasheet, and I now know how to build the packet in the W5100 transmit buffer, which has more than enough space.  I'm working on refactoring my DHCP library to take that approach.  Once I do I will release it to the public.


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