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Update: Resource List

Wednesday, 26 September 2007 15:50 by jordan.terrell

I posted about a resource list that I'm now maintaining in a Wiki.  I was also maintaining a separate list of items that I call the Parking Lot - I've now moved that list into the resource list.  I've made a few updates since I last posted about the resource list, so if you have a moment, take a look.

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October 19. 2007 08:45

Jeffrey Whitney

Yo dude! The Webservice Studio link points to GotDotNet which is being phased out. (As you know).

Jeffrey Whitney

October 19. 2007 09:09

Jordan Terrell

Jeffrey - Yeah, I know, but they haven't relocated it yet, so I haven't changed the link.  For now, that section of the site is still up and running.  Once they move the WebService Studio, I'll update the link.  Thanks for the reminder!

Jordan Terrell

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