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Vista SP1 Soon

Monday, 11 February 2008 16:05 by jordan.terrell

**** Update (02/15/2008 09:03 AM CT) ****

Vista SP1 is on MSDN as well.


**** Update (02/14/2008 02:51 PM CT) ****

I'm now able to download Vista SP1 from TechNet.  I don't yet see it on MSDN, but still, this is great news.  Thanks for listening Microsoft!!!


**** Update (02/13/2008 02:21 PM CT) ****

Looks like we might get Vista SP1 this week!


**** Update (02/12/2008 01:43 PM CT) ****

While looking at the comments on the latest update from the Windows Vista blog, it appears that the MSDN/TechNet community is still not pleased with the change in Vista SP1 availability.  I can't say that I disagree with this response.  According to Slashdot, people are turning to pirate sources for a copy of SP1.  Now, I can only imagine that tons of problems could come from this - the obvious being viruses/trojans.  All of this has to be worse than a few drivers that are not ready for prime time.  Food for thought...



Well, it looks like Microsoft got the message and today posted an update on the availability of Vista SP1.  Looks like those of us who have MSDN and TechNet subscriptions should be getting it sometime "later this month".  This is certainly better than having to wait until mid-March - however, it is a bit vague as to exactly when we will be able to download the service pack.  After all, "later this month" could be February 29 (leap year).

I'm hoping we will see it sometime this week.  Regardless, thanks for listening Microsoft!

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