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iSynaptic.Commons Lives

Friday, 30 October 2009 08:35 by jordan.terrell

The last time I talked about iSynaptic.Commons was in July of 2008.  Basically I said that I was putting the release on hold.  Well, I’ve finally released it under the MS-PL license.

My reason for releasing it is by no means because it is complete.  It is no where near there.  I’ve got a lot of work yet to do on it, and I’ve got many things that I want to completely change or remove.  So my recommendation is that you don’t go use the code in a project you intend for it to keep stable, because it is going to be a moving target for now (i.e. there will be breaking changes).  Especially the Text.Parsing namespace and the Xml namespace.  Those were very naive and simplistic, and I will be replacing.

However, my primary reason for releasing it is to get feedback.  I don’t expect much at first, but I want it to be something I can talk about in this blog, and solicit direct feedback about specific parts of the framework.

Finally, I talked about iSynaptic.SolutionBuild and iSynaptic.Modeling in my previous iSynaptic.Commons post.  SolutionBuild exists and is in partially working order.  I will, at some point, be working on moving this into a public repository.  I may even change SolutionBuild to be based on PowerShell, and possibly psake.  As for the Modeling project, I’ve re-envisioned it under a different project I’m calling iSynaptic.Core.   Currently Core doesn’t exists (other than the repository being stubbed out), but what I wanted to accomplish with the Modeling project will be wrapped into the Core project.  Core will depend on Commons (Commons being a lower-level framework).  Likely, some of what is in Commons will be pushed into Core – I want to keep Commons lightweight, but useful.  Besides rolling Modeling into Core, details on what Core will be is something for a future post.  I don’t necessarily want to talk about it, until I have something to show.

Initially, my activity on all of these initiatives will be light.  I have numerous projects that are work related that I need to complete, and other non-development personal obligations as well.  This is just me taking the first step…

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