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iSynaptic.Commons - Update

Monday, 25 February 2008 11:13 by jordan.terrell

I'm learning the hard way that I should take my own advice when it comes to developing personal projects.  As a professional software consultant, I'm very consistent about writing unit tests for my production code, if not first, very shortly after (within the hour).  I've heard many a developer say "I'm busy right now, I'll come back and write those tests later."  Yeah  --  it almost never happens.

So what did I do with my Commons library?  Wrote a whole bunch of code without tests!  Now I'm paying for it - I can't bring myself to release the library without more code coverage.  Right now I'm sitting at 81% code coverage, and I'm so glad that I'm working through the tests because they have exposed a few bugs.

Let this be a lesson (mostly for myself) - don't write code without tests, even if it is for your own homegrown pet project!

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April 1. 2008 20:23

Daron Cox

I'm in agreement with you on your thoughts around unit testing.  Without them I feel as though any code I write is incomplete and naked.  I refactor my own code quite frequently and when I see the unit tests passing or failing after a refactor I smile because I know even with a failed test that I just saved countless hours that would have been consumed to identify, troubleshoot, fix and verify at a later date via extremely manual and labor intensive processes.

Daron Cox

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